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Podcasting represents one of the lowest-competition and most affordable branding opportunities currently available. McDonald's, GE, Sephora and more major brands are turning to podcasts for audience reach in the booming podcast arena. But starting a good show that aligns with your brand is a big commitment if you're going to do it right. Most organizations don't have experienced broadcasters on staff, and bringing together strategy, writing, interviewing, voice talent, music, editing and other components is no easy feat. Whether you want expert help to learn the ropes, or more of a done-for-you solution, we'd love to work with you!

Our Services

Podcast Development Consulting

Starting a podcast is a big job. We know. We've done it.

That's how we know how much of an advantage it is to get some help in order to get to publishing your first show faster, and with fewer mistakes.

We'll work with you on strategy development, equipment and software, content creation and production, and distribution and marketing in order to ensure your show gets off to a great start. And we're here to advise you as your podcast evolves, too!

experienced podcaster offering guidance to a new podcaster

Coaching & Training

Not everyone is a natural to step behind the mic, tell good stories and conduct curiosity sparking interviews that captivate audiences. These are professional skills taught in journalism shools, and the very best broadcasters take years to master their craft. As well, post-production - the editing and composition of your show - is an art form much like conducting an orchestra. It's easy to tell when all the complex components of a show are well produced, and it's equally easy to tell when the details have been overlooked. The good news is that you can learn, practice and improve just like with any other new skill you decide to pursue. And since our team has formal broadcasting backgrounds, we can teach and mentor you.

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Hosting & Interviewing

If you don't have any budding podcasters in your organization, we'll host an interview-style show on your behalf. In collaboration with your organization we'll schedule interviews with appropriate guests and put our journalism skills to work to generate great storytelling conversations your listeners will love. You can then send off the recordings to your chosen editing pro, or we can assist with those arrangements. 

We help you reach your podcast goals...

Starting a podcast can be intimidating. We get it. After all, it's a form of public speaking, which scares three quarters of the population. You have to do it on a regular basis, constantly shifting topics while keeping your program interesting and engaging, and your audience has the potential to be much larger than any stage audience. And there's all that tech! At Bizcastly, whether we're consulting on your podcast plans, coaching your on-air hosts, or providing more of a done-for-you company podcast solution, we remove the fears and barriers so you can present your best possible show. Our team of highly experienced broadcasters will show you how to use storytelling to create a branded experience your audience will love, and most importantly, come back for.

Rob Deptford

Founder, Bizcastly

How it works

This is the high level process we go through with every client

  • Exploration Call

  • Do you want support to get your own show up and running? Do you need on-air coaching? Do you want our hosts to be the voice of your brand? What kind of budget are you working with? We'll talk about how podcasting fits with your objectives, and what's required to bring your podcast to life. Many creative things are possible. It's just a matter of what makes sense for your needs.

  • Planning

  • We'll share options and finalize the terms of your podcast project. Conversations may include items such as equipment, story ideas, format choices, tone, licensed music tracks and more. If we're coaching your in-house podcast host, we'll discuss their background, current capabilities, and areas where they could benefit from learning opportunities in order to plan the best coaching strategy.

  • Execution

  • This may involve visiting you on site to help set up your studio, or to deliver on-site training. Or it may be an entirely remote process where we hold weekly coaching sessions with your on-air talent or conduct interviews on your behalf. Whatever your specific requirements, we'll do what it takes to make sure the end results are stellar.

    Why work with us

    Working with us is your shortcut to a high-quality podcast without the hassle and expense of assembling all the necessary components yourself, or using a traditional agency with no broadcast journalism experience.

    The Right Strategy

    Every business has different levels of talent, capacity and ambition to make an effective podcasting commitment. As well, every audience is different, as is what they want to hear from your business. That's why we consult with you up front to tailor the best podcasting support for your needs.

    100% Managed

    Once you sign on, you'll be in the hands of someone who knows the process of creating a broadcast quality show from start to finish. You'll be hard pressed to find more qualified and professional podcast consultants, coaches and on-air personalities.

    Experienced Broadcasters

    We are different than other agencies because we're not in general media production, advertising and marketing. Our team comes from successful radio, television and production backgrounds along with corporate experience. They have the unique journalistic expertise necessary to gather and distill complex information in the best way possible for your audience. We can give voice to your brand, and we can teach your podcast hosts how it's done.

    Who uses branded podcasting?

    Some of the world's biggest brands are creating podcasts to reach and resonate with their customers in new ways. Your business may or may not have the same level of resources, but there are podcasts for all budgets, and the following examples show some of what's possible.


    First airing in 2018, this investigative journalism style podcast is modeled after the hit crime podcast, Serial. It cracked the top 100 on Apple Podcasts and is still talked about today as a branded podcast success story. Above is the series introduction.


    #Lipstories does occasionally promote Sephora products, usually in an indirect fashion. But more importantly, the primary focus of the show is to speak to the company's target market about relevant social issues that resonate, and that is the key. It's all about how Sephora wants to be known.


    The Message, from General Electric, hit number one on itunes in 2016. How? It connects with listeners without actually selling GE. And that's what makes a branded podcast work. The overview is shared here.


    Fortune Favors the Bold is a podcast with a focus on the risk and reward involved in everyday life. Topics like the ROI on paying for school, responsible travel, the future of work and more prompt listeners to imagine what positive outcomes can occur by getting into the driver's seat of life and exploring new territory. All things that have financial components where Mastercard might play a role.


    Shopify likes branded podcasting so much that it has created two different branded podcasts. "Masters" is a podcast that comes much closer to product and service promotion than most others, but it works from an e-commerce educational standpoint for their customers. "Vanguard" is a podcast aimed more broadly at non-traditional ways people are making money, not necessarily just in e-commerce.


    ZipRecruiter went all in on star power with their 20 episode podcast, hosted by Damond John of FUBU and Shark Tank fame, and featuring big name guests like Gary Vaynerchuk. Longer 30-40 minute shows alternate with short "Motivational Minute" segments that help listeners learn from success stories so they can apply some of those lessons.

    Our Podcast Experts

    Working with us is your shortcut to creating a branded podcast experience your audience will love. We've tapped into top talent from all over the world, most of whom come from traditional broadcast and production backgrounds.

    I studied both print and broadcast journalism and got my start in radio news. My career meandered outside of broadcasting, but I always relied on my research and communication skills, and whether in studio or on stage, I've always been comfortable behind a mic. I'm thrilled to be involved in helping high quality brands tell stories that resonate with their audience. You can often hear me in short-form audio and video on social media. Below is an episode of Dirt Road Journeys, a sample of my current podcast in conversational interview format.

    Rob Deptford, Bizcastly founder

    Rob Deptford


    I loved my early radio career, and I have also loved the various stops on my corporate journey, including my 20 years at Microsoft. I'm currently enjoying doing branded podcasts for Tanium, which offers a converged endpoint management solution. And my own podcast, The Doug Thompson Podcast, has been a ton of fun to do when I'm not strapping on the headphones for Tanium and other companies delving into the branded podcast space. For an example, I've shared a branded podcast episode I did for NextSpace Limited.

    Bizcastly Vice President Doug Thompson

    Doug Thompson


    I started in radio as a traffic reporter and have been making a career out of presenting important information to others ever since. Branded podcasting has been a component of my marketing work for years, and I've recently spent a more significant amount of time behind the mic in a fractional role with Influencerr TV along with Strategy Saturday livestreams on LinkedIn. My combination of sales, marketing, copywriting and on-air experience makes branded podcasting a great fit, and I love learning about all the companies I get to work with. Below is a livestream demo where I interview fitness entrepreneur Clark Bartram. 

    Bizcastly Broadcaster Erika Warfield

    Erika Warfield


    Frequently asked questions

    These are some common queries. If you have something specific to ask, just email us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    How can a podcast help my company?

    Audio podcasts are one of the most accessible and popular forms of content. Whether for internal or external communication, it's a modern way to engage audiences that spend less time consuming the once-dominant traditional print and broadcast media options, and more time in the digital space.

    How is podcasting different from ads?

    Branded podcasts aimed at external audiences are not a replacement for ads. They serve a different purpose. Ads sell stuff. Whether they're a 30-second radio ad or a 30-minute infomercial, the objective is sales. Podcasts, on the other hand, offer a brand experience that builds your know, like and trust factor. They help give your audience a reason to do business with you (and not your competitors). Plus, podcasts are evergreen! They live forever online, or until you decided to remove them.

    Wouldn't a company podcast have to become a big hit in order to be effective?

    While some brands have had their podcasts climb up the ratings charts, that's not necessarily the best measure of success. Most ratings charts measure broad appeal. Your organization may well have a very niche target audience, in which case you would want to consider your own measures in relation to how and where you promote your podcast. Who listens to your show is often more important than how many listen to your show.

    Do I really need coaching or training to host my podcast?

    Well, how important is it that you compete for a listening audience? We've all heard terrible speakers on stages, or on radio and television, and felt turned off. Granted, some people have a gift for engaging conversations with good cadence, but there are formal techniques for interviewing and on-air delivery that can be taught. And they're game changers.

    How much does it cost?

    As with most creative work, this is a tough question. There are many components with a range of pricing. For example, you could get background music for your intro from a royalty free source, or you could have custom music professionally composed and recorded by musicians in a studio at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. And there are many options between those two extremes. Ask yourself how much you're willing to invest to get the best possible podcast that is reflective of the quality of your brand.

    How fast is show production?

    Good productions take time, so it's important to begin working with us early in your planning. There are many variables, particularly around project complexity, and hearing a short finished production can sometimes make us assume there isn't much work involved. In reality, a few seconds of a high quality finished show can sometimes take a few hours or days of overall production and post-production time.

    Still on the fence?

    If you're hesitant, we get it. Podcasting as a business tool is a relatively new thing. Even with so many big brands already leading by example, it can seem like a big leap. So, we'll make it easy for you to start. If you're not satisfied, simply tell us within 30 days of purchase. We want to make your experience a good one. If for some reason we can't, we'll learn some important things from your feedback and return your money. Click the blue button below and book a free 15-minute exploration call.